The Firm provides to your disposal more than 15 years of experience in the area of civil law that gives us an opportunity to meet your expectations quickly and effectively.

Carrying out a role of the consultant, assistant and defender,
the Firm engages itself to respect the following qualities

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Protection of employers

The Firm helps employers within individual or collective labor relations, in particular with the following situations:

  • Assistant help in editing labor agreements: intervention of the lawyer is useful in many aspects
it is necessary to choose the best contract according to a situation and to be sure of the contract articles’ compliance with the legislation and the law.

changes of the labor agreement are often, during reconstruction or change in the legal status of the employer (article L of 1224-1 Labor Code); therefore, the help of the lawyer can be an important element at such changes. Same thing in a case of the conflict: disciplinary sanctions, execution of the equity right …

the period preceding cancellation is often decisive for settlement of the dispute or to hold negotiations in the best conditions. The transaction has to be prepared carefully to reach the decision acceptable for both parties.

Preliminary interview is not a simple formality for one of the parties, the dismissal letter fixes borders of disputes. Therefore, it is very important to receive necessary councils and the help of the lawyer in advance, before the dismissal happens.
  • During negotiations on the company’s agreements,
  • During the organization of professional appointments,
  • To engage one or several dismissals: The Firm helps employers to make the dismissal acts, in organization of the dismissal process,
  • To find a compromise way out in a dispute: The Firm supports employers in negotiations, can confidentially conduct these negotiations and make the settlement.
  • To protect interests of the employer in Labor or Appellate Court: The Firm defines protection strategy; represents and helps employers during the court sessions at all stages of the process (acts, court sessions, judicial speeches).
Contact us | +33 (0)4 93 80 78 42 | jourquin@cabinet-sj.com

Protection of workers

The Firm remains at your disposal for studying and discussion of your file in the shortest time.

If your labor agreement is threatened to be cancelled or it was already terminated, if you wish to protect your rights or to terminate your labor agreement and receive the best compensation, our Firm offers you its help.

This help will allow you not to be alone facing your employer and will help you to prepare your protection in due time to react correctly to the initiatives of your employer.

We recommend you to store the copy of all documents and e-mails, which can be useful to your protection, and collect testimonies of the witnesses.

Presence of the authorized consultant during conversation, preliminary to dismissal (regular representatives or persons from the list of the prefect of the department) is important.

The priority can be the prompt answer to the letters sent by your employer. The Firm will help you with writing these letters.

The Firm can start a trial in Labor Court to challenge the basis of your dismissal and to receive payment of salaries, remuneration and the lawful documents that belong to you.

The Firm is engaged to conclude confidentially the solution found by negotiations and relating to a rupture of your labor agreement by means of payment of a tradeoff remuneration.

The Labor Court considers all disputes, connected to execution and rupture of individual labor relations.

The Period preceding cancellation if often decisive for settlement of the dispute or to negotiate in the best conditions.

Therefore, it is very important to receive necessary councils and the help of the lawyer in advance, before dismissal happens and even before the interview, preceding dismissal.

The procedure in Labor Court in generally difficult and often demands a presence of the lawyer.

The process relating to Labor Court begins with attempt of settlement, which can lead to the agreement and stop the trail.

In case the process continues, the case is sent to the judicial commission of the Labor Court that will deliver the decision.

At the appeal, the cases relating to Labor Court are considered by the civil chamber of Appellate court consisting of professional judges, and not of the advisers of the Labor Court.

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Protection of the Company’s Committees

The labor law is in continuous development: the lawyer has to keep in mind not only legislative and procedural changes, but also the judicial ones.

Acknowledgement of Company committees’ members and other representatives of the personnel with the main norms is necessary. In certain cases, members of Company’s committees can be interested in using the help of the lawyer specialized in the labor law.

The Firm can assist them and provide the help with both its legal knowledge, and its experience in a trial and disputes practice.

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