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In a matter of the labor law, the Firm has developed expert services in the following areas:

Individual labor relations

  • Labor agreement: employment, remuneration, performance, change, cancellation, transfer, decretive holidays, paid holidays, parental holiday, vocational training, conditions of non-competition,

  • Dismissal for a serious fault: serious disciplinary fault, temporary discharge from a position, the severance pay, dismissal procedure, dismissal motivation,

  • Dismissal because of professional discrepancy: severance pay,

  • Dismissal because of physical unfitness: a professional or not professional origin, medical certificates, recertification, output grants, remuneration in case of non-compliance with the term of the preliminary notice,

  • Dismissal for the economic reason: obligation of the work placement, criteria of an order, priority of repeated hiring, severance pay,

  • Quit at own will and negotiated leave: transaction, conditional rupture, amicable rupture,

  • Suffering at work: obligation of the employer for safety, moral violence, sexual harassment,

  • Industrial accident: medical exam at the return to the position, inexcusable mistakes of the employer

  • Professional disease: procedure of obtaining certificates from insurance company, the petition before Court for social security.

  • Writing of social audits in case of the repayment of the company or its restructuring.

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Collective labor relations

  • Professional elections: representatives of the company employees, Company’s committee, Delegation of the personnel,

  • Company’s Committee: consultation and information, convocation on meetings, the right for alert,

  • Committee on hygiene, safety and working conditions: inquiry of examination

  • Trade-union representative: appointment, annual obligatory negotiations, appointment time,

  • Dismissal of the protected worker: request for permission of the Labor Inspector, the hierarchical petition to the Minister of work,

  • Interference to the trade-union rights: convocation of members of the company’s committee, information and consultation of the company’s committee.

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Penal working law

  • Illegal work

  • Loan of labor
  • Trade of labor

  • Trade-union discrimination, racial discrimination, sexual discrimination, religious discrimination
  • Moral prosecution, sexual harassment
  • Hygiene, safety, working conditions
Contact us | +33 (0)4 93 80 78 42 | jourquin@cabinet-sj.com

Relations with the Organization for the payment of social security and family benefit contributions

  • Financial solidarity
  • The petition before the Commission of the amicable solutions
  • The petition before Court of social security
  • Contestation of the social contributions

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